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Thank you for visiting! I am Pota Perimenis, a top San Francisco Realtor providing expert service for clients buying or selling San Francisco real estate since 1991. As your trusted real estate adviser I help you make smart real estate choices to fulfill your dreams and goals, express your lifestyle, and build wealth through real estate. I get the big picture and I get the details, allowing you to fall in love with the property of your choice, sell for the highest price, or make the investment decisions you need to make.

I focus on what matters to you. I work with you but never forget I'm working for you. Your success is my goal. I am smart, patient, SF savvy, and solutions-oriented. Working with me means working comfortably with a caring professional who listens, understands, and provides the finest service and right support from start to finish. This is proven by my track record with clients I have helped many times over the years.

I know the pulse of the San Francisco real estate market at all times. I have researched, negotiated and advised on a diverse range of both big and small properties, with clients based right here or far away - always with my clients' goals as my priority. Most of my business is repeat business and client referrals because clients have had such a successful and enjoyable experience working with me. I treat my clients like good friends—with care, compassion and respect.

Please explore my website to find everything you need to know about buying or selling San Francisco real estate! You can search for properties with the San Francisco MLS, explore the San Francisco district map, see real-time graphs with market data by neighborhood, find answers to commonly asked real estate questions, get preferred vendor recommendations, and much more.

Buying and selling San Francisco real estate is more sophisticated and challenging every day. You need a professional who understands the market and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. That professional, that expert, that friend is Pota Perimenis. I am your real estate resource, here to serve all your real estate needs. Thank you!
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Pota Perimenis


San Francisco market data for March 2015

on April 14, 2015

 The San Francisco market data for March 2015 is here. The whole document is attached in case you are interested--it's quite comprehensive and clearly shows the pricing and inventory trends.  Below is a snapshot of the condo market in the last year. Condo prices are increasing at a rapid pace.   There has been a 23.3% increase in the average price from March this year to March last year and 13.9% increase for the past 12 months. What is a condo buyer to do in this market? What do read more...→

The 7 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco: 2015 Edition

on April 7, 2015

What are the 7 best neighborhoods in San Francisco in 2015?   The 7 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco: 2015 Edition. read more...→

Is my guess as good as Zillow’s? Or, who should we trust to help us make good real estate decisions?

on March 27, 2015

Is my guess as good as Zillow’s?  - Who should we trust to help us make good real estate decisions?  As a Realtor in San Francisco for almost 25 years, I’ve observed with interest how the digital revolution impacts the real estate industry (e.g. Zillow/Trulia), as it has the hotel industry (e.g. AirBnB), retail (e.g. Alibaba) and the transportation industry (e.g. Uber and Lyft). Just as Uber owns no vehicles, Alibaba has no inventory, AirBnB owns no real estate, Zillow/Trulia have read more...→