Owners of 2-4 unit buildings

I specialize in helping sellers of 2-4 unit buildings by marketing their properties as “Tenancies-in-Common” (TICs). TICs are a form of group ownership. Many buyers in today’s market purchase buildings as TICs, usually with condominium conversion in mind.

Buyers of TICs pay significantly more for these buildings than buyers looking for rental investment opportunities. Your property’s value as a TIC may therefore be much higher than its value as a rental investment.

The market for TICs is still very strong, although the current laws regarding TICs and condominium conversion are constantly changing. To explore the possibility of selling your property as a TIC, or if you have questions about TICs, condominium conversion, or other real estate issues, please call me at (415) 407-2595. I look forward to hearing from you!

The following link provides some comprehensive articles that answer many questions on TICs, condo conversions, and the Ellis Act.